Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Floating House

Brought to our attention by the Wallpaper* awards is this experimental structure in aluminium and wood by Bouroullec - a floating house and / or studio for artists that is easily scalable to suit. We are currently thinking about suitable design responses for climate adaptation and implications for flooding. There are certain contradictions in urban policy that promotes development on brownfield sites and away from floodplains - when sometimes they are one and the same place. So one of the questions around any adaptation strategy has to be the extent to which more flexible solutions would be socially acceptable in different regions and what the response would be from the financial institutions to lend against a non-traditional construction method applied to a non-traditional housing solution. Other more 'house like' floating houses have been developed before with one of the biggest developments being by Dutch practice Factor Architecten ...

Dynamic System Model for the Housing Market

There are some developing examples of how systems thinking on the complex housing market can aid policy decisions and the design of financial products. isee systems software is the basis for much of this dynamic modelling. We're impressed by the theory and initial application - and interested in developing this at a more localised market level where the decisions made at a local level can actually have an impact in the local hosuing maket - to stablise or promote or whatever.