Sunday, 27 June 2010

Eine Roller Shutter Letters

Pink Lane, Newcastle was one of the first locations where I noticed a decorated roller shutter by street artist Ben Eine. Yet now his work is becoming mainstream and acceptable - a positive example of local regeneration is the perseverance to complete an entire alphabet along 26 shop fronts in Middlesex Street, East London - adding some educational value and colour based on his obsessive take on typography.

1940s Methods of Construction

Not totally sure to source of this image - but it just shows that there is nothing really new under the sun. With the renewed focus on modern methods of construction to deliver quality control [air tightness and insulation] and speed on site, it is interesting to understand the long history of off-site - look at the guys working in the flat caps in the days before you needed a CPD coordinator.

Tiny Tubular House

Is this a nice example of up-cycling and an idea that has been achieved? Can you see these as garden sheds totally integrated into an earth sheltered dwelling or part of a wider package for urban camping. More detail on the supporting management and operation of the units as a hotel here ...


We like the innovative and temporary nature of the public art by the people at sandalism - as much as for their name than as for the product. Surreal and with a sense of humour their work [genuine street art wherever there is a suitable pile of sand on a construction site] has qualities that are too often lacking in public art and yet they are probably the qualities least needing explaination and thus accessible to the 'public'. This approach has to make you smile.