Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Felt Tip Art

New exhibition kicks off this week at Lazarides gallery with a fresh but offensive regional perspective.

Architecture on Holiday

I've seen quite a lot written about the new business venture by Alain de Botton in the last few days. Beyond the questionable architecture above [like everything it seems to already have a mix of interesting and bland] which is unfair to judge simply from appearances, there is an interesting underlying business model to his proposal. The 'not-for-profit' work of the holiday lettings company Living Architecture has commissioned a number of leading European architects to design modern holiday homes to provide the experience of living, albeit for a short period, in an exemplar modernist home - presented as an architectural holiday with a little education on the architecture of happiness.

Thursday, 26 August 2010

Northampton Character Assessment

Impressive bit of work on a Character Assessment & Tall Buildings Strategy for Northampton's Central Area by Newcastle based architects and urban designers at _space ... with some flash presentation of the document at

Saturday, 14 August 2010

Craftivism and social mosaics

What would personalisation look like if it was taken to the extreme? What about looking at the home of Carrie Reichard. Decoration with a underlying social message is something that is naturally attractive and especially so whenever the imagery is similar to classic tattoos – just on a property rather than the person. This is what a house should look like whenever it is a true extension of the personality of those living inside and when they are not particularly interested in painting everything cream to maintain the local house prices. What started as mosaic on cars and objects has developed into something more personal, significant and relevant to the current era of austerity. The materials for the mosaics are simply picked up at car boot sales. So if it is all folly then at least it is a cheap folly.

Follow up ideas for other craftivism and creative reuse of materials at www.craftivism.com and www.extremecraft.com

Friday, 13 August 2010

Lego city

Is it art or is it just a bloke messing about with some of his old toys and a camera? Chistoph Niemann has put together a series of photographs of New York landmarks, icons and other simple to make stuff. Niemann, Christoph [2010] I Lego NY [Abrams Image, New York].