Sunday, 5 December 2010

Fine Parking Company

Interesting idea to take a positive stance on social rules and parking tickets with some performance art mixed with anthropology [only comparison I can think of at the moment is a JackAss lite] that would make a good story into a publication and possibly a good movie. Instead of a fine you get a polite note that might cheer you up. Some more details at Fine Parking Company and something worth watching, as most people with ideas like this simply sit around dinner tables and talk about them rather than going ahead with the project. Well done. Have a pat on the back.

Polar Art

Big art in the form of red food dye onto snow on the angjokull glacier in Iceland. Artist Bjargey Olafsdottir hints at glacier loss and the uncertain future polar bears face. Most significantly, an artist dealing with issues of climate change and engaging with this debate - almost as rare as polar bears.


Back before the internet and photoshop most urban design artwork was designed to be legible in just black and white and to be photocopier ready. It almost always included the use of Letraset [requiring a specific set of dry transfering skills] if you could afford them, or possibly just tracing Letraset [in effect creating your own hand drawn set of fonts for every project]. There is a nice collection of similar retro art items at the Museum for Forgotten Art Supplies. Not sure who is still using these but they are still available.