Sunday, 25 November 2012

James Cochran 3D Street Art

A very cool idea for 3D spray painting by artist James Cochran a recent follow on from a series of London riot inspired portraits. 

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

MMC and Low Carbon Housing

In a seminal book from 2004, Woudhuysen set out the benefits of off-site manufacturing for construction around the themes of quality, speed and cost but also an agenda that “… prefabrication must deliver an urbanism that people will prefer over patterns of development from the past. Housing must be designed for prefabrication so as to be: larger … better … sharper …. cheaper … faster … smarter … and easier”. We are presenting at the UK Passivhaus Conference this week on our own experiences on this theme and where MMC can bring benefits to delivering low carbon and passiv housing. 

Ref: p293 in; Woudhuysen, James and Abley, Ian (2004) Why is construction so backward? (John Wiley, Chichester).