Sunday, 28 April 2013

Pecos Passive Benedictine Monastery

Interesting example of passive solar heating using water barrels as part of the strategy for heat storage / thermal mass. Dating from 1975, it provides an interesting south facing facade as feature. Dated pictures - yes, but principles clearly important even for building in a northern European climate.

Sunday, 14 April 2013

Roy Lichtenstein's Architectural Clichés

Been reading a critique, purchased simply due to the subtitle, about the work of Lichtenstein. There are some interesting references to "... a little know series of thirty Entablature paintings in the seventies. ... (based on) overlooked neoclassical details"(Sooke 2013 p39) ... a form of testing architectural clichés and the meaning, if any, given to the use of detailing. A bit of a development of the better know architectural work of the Temple of Apollo from 1964 and illustrating the loss of meaning into abstract forms.

Reference: Sooke, Alastair (2013) Roy Lichtenstein: How Modern Art was Saved by Donald Duck (Penguin, London).