Thursday, 12 May 2016

The Fatima Mansions

We’ve always been intrigued about the interface between architecture and popular culture and got particularly excited around the recent listing of the former Sex Pistols’ London flat at 6 Denmark Street[1]. Wall graffiti being protected by Grade II* status seems to officially give historical weight and significance to the cultural importance of the punk movement. Or at least the need to protect and maintain what physical legacy of the movement remains. It got us thinking about the similar Irish legacy and the lesser known The Fatima Mansions (with their back catalogue playing in the background of the studio … here I would recommend their cover version of ‘Shiny Happy People’ on their 1991 ‘Bertie’s Brochures’ album) who named themselves after an entire social housing estate in Dublin’s southside, although they seemed to have been based in Newcastle for much of the 1990s.

There is an interesting academic review of the estate, development history through to regeneration and the role that media representations had on the perception of the area[2], including references to the band.

[1] Brown, M (2016) “Not pretty, not vacant: Sex Pistols’ London home given listed status”. The Guardian 22nd March. [accessed 22nd March 2016]
[2] Conway, B., Corcoran, M., Cahill, L (2012) “The ‘miracle’ of Fatima: Media framing and the regeneration of a Dublin housing estate”. Journalism 13(5) 551-571.

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